Dr. Moumen Almouzayn can take a closer look at your smile when you come to Madison Dental Spa for our digital dental X-rays. We can look between and under your teeth to ensure that they are healthy and to catch dental problems earlier on. You can benefit from digital X-rays in Madison, CT, when you schedule your next appointment with our dentist.

Dental X-rays are used to show our dentist what she cannot see from a visual examination. Not only do radiographs show the inner structure of teeth, but between them as well. This is imperative for cavity detection and other dental procedures. Dental X-rays help us know more about your dental health so we can improve and maintain it.

At our office, we use digital X-rays to take radiograph images of your teeth and gums. These X-rays are better than traditional ones because they deliver digital images instantly that we can easily save for your dental records. Additionally, digital X-rays are better for your health because they put out only a fraction of the radiation levels than traditional X-rays. You can benefit from our digital dental X-rays when you schedule an appointment with our dentist at Madison Dental Spa.