When regular X-rays aren’t enough, then come to our dentist for a 3D cone beam CT scan. Dr. Moumen Almouzayn uses this advanced equipment to produce 3D, high-resolution images that allow us to give more precise care when providing complex treatments and procedures. You can visit Madison Dental Spa to benefit from a 3D cone beam CT scan in Madison, CT.

Dental X-rays can show inside and between your teeth so our dentists can check the health of your mouth. However, if you need to undergo more complex dental procedures, such as root canal therapy, then our dentist may need a more detailed image than the radiographs produced by a regular X-ray.

A 3D cone beam CT (computed tomography) scan produces 3D images of your teeth, oral tissues, nerve pathways, jaw bone, and other craniofacial structures. These images allow for more precise treatment planning for complex dental procedures. You may be asked to remove jewelry, glasses, and hair pins during this scan because metal can affect the machine’s ability to produce a clear image. An extension will move around your head so it can produce several large images of your craniofacial structures. Call our office to see if you can benefit from this technology.