Invisalign Can Give You the Appealing Smile You’ve Always Wanted

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The Invisalign brand of aligners are popular with many adults that are interested in realigning their smile. The clear, durable plastic makes it hard for the casual observer to even notice you are wearing them.

To effectively realign your teeth, you will need to wear Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours per day. After two weeks you will switch to another set of aligners that are set one step closer to your realignment goal. Generally, people meet their alignment needs in around six to eight weeks. At your initial consultation, Dr. Moumen Almouzayn might take some X-rays to get a better understanding of the structure of your mouth and help you define your alignment goals. Then he will make an impression of your current bite pattern. All of this information is sent to the Invisalign laboratory where your new aligners are produced.

While you are wearing the aligners you can drink normally. However, you will need to remove them before eating. You should also avoid chewing gum, smoking or using other tobacco products while the aligners are in your mouth.

It’s important to maintain your typical oral hygiene regimen of brushing and flossing through the duration of the realignment process. You should rinse the aligners each day with an antiseptic mouthwash to refresh them and remove plaque and food particles.

If you are interested in being fitted for Invisalign braces, please feel free to call Dr. Moumen Almouzayn at 203.245.5101 to schedule an appointment.