How to Properly Remove an Object that Is Stuck in Your Gums

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It’s rather common for pieces of food like popcorn hulls, meat fibers, seeds, and fruit peels to get stuck between your teeth. Your chances of getting something stuck between your teeth increase if you have a habit of chewing on fingernails, pencils, and pens. Small pieces can sometimes break off and get uncomfortably stuck!

If you have something stuck between your teeth and it causes pain and discomfort, you might want to call Dr. Moumen Almouzayn for advice.

If you have an object stuck in your gums, you should never use toothpicks or sharp tools to try to pry the object loose. The last thing you want to do is injure your gums or damage tooth enamel by using wrong tool.

In many cases, waxed dental floss is the tool of choice for removing something that is stuck between in your gums. Its waxy coating allows the strand to slide between teeth easily and can often be worked around the foreign object. A floss threader with wax coated floss might also help you work on the foreign object from a different position.

Rinsing your mouth vigorously with lukewarm salt water can soothe gum tissues and might also help to loosen the object.

If you still can’t remove the object from your gums, you should call Dr. Moumen Almouzayn at 203.245.5101 for advice or to schedule an appointment.