Denture Adhesive Can Help Secure a Partial Denture in Place

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A dentist often sometimes provides a partial denture to replicate the basic function and physical presence of multiple missing teeth. The dental appliance is mounted onto a pink material that mimics the appearance of your natural gums.

The base of the partial denture will be designed to closely match the curves and contours of the underlying gum structure. Some units also include small hardware components to help connect them to the teeth on each side of the void.

Even with this very firm fit many people with a partial denture also like to apply a small amount of denture adhesive when installing the unit each morning. It helps to bond the denture to the gums while also reducing helping to block out the presence of stray food particles.

As the day goes on the natural chewing motion of eating tough or hard foods can start to weaken the firm hold provided by the denture adhesive. This might allow a food particle or two to invade the area.

In a moment like this, it’s best to remove the denture at your earliest possible convenience. You can then give it a thorough rinse under running water and dry it with a paper towel. Once this is done you can reapply a fresh bead denture adhesive and install the partial denture back into your mouth.

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