Dental Implant Surgery and What You Can Expect

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It’s difficult to connect surgery to the dentist right? Well sometimes our teeth require surgery to restore the health or appearance of them. If you are going to the dentist for an implant surgery there are a few things you may want to know so you feel prepared before the big day.

Your first preparation you will make before your appointment is having a thorough dental and medical examination. These examinations are typically done by your dentist and family physician to ensure your body and mouth are healthy enough to handle the surgery.

The surgery itself is performed in stages and is considered an outpatient surgery.

1. The damaged tooth will be removed, if one exists.
2. Your jawbone will then be prepared, sometimes involving bone grafting.
3. Once your jawbone is healed, your surgeon will then place the dental implant metal post into your jawbone.
4. After the procedure, you will be sent home for healing, which may take several months. During this time, the bone in your jaw will grow around the implant, securing it into place.
5. When you come back after the healing process has completed, you will return for the final appointment and receive your new artificial tooth.

The process takes up to several months to complete, but once it is done, you can have a smile to be proud of. Please give our office a call today at 203.245.5101 with any questions of concerns you may have about your dental implant surgery.