Dental Bonding is the Way to Go to Restore Your Tooth

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You may ask yourself what simple and inexpensive option is there to correct a small flaw in your teeth. It could simply be some decay, discoloration, or even a stain. The answer to your question is dental bonding! This is a favorable procedure due to its simplicity and cost-efficient method. Here at Madison Dental Spa, we want to give you the comfortability of this procedure.

The first thing you need to do when considering dental bonding is speaking to your dentist if this option is best for your smile. Once they have determined this is the right process for you, they will start with comparing your tooth color to a color swatch. This will help determine what type of composite resin to pick to match your teeth.

After this has been decided, the resin will be made to match your tooth while your dentist coarsens the tooth surface to prepare for the bonding material to be attached. Conditioning liquid will first be put on the tooth and then the tooth-colored resin will be applied, shaped, and smoothed. A special ultraviolet light will cure the tooth for a minute, then your tooth will be trimmed of any excess material and polished by your dentist.

Once you’ve had your dental bonding done, you can go back to your daily lifestyle of eating and speaking! Confirm a checkup appointment to ensure the tooth is comfortable and solid. Call Dr. Moumen Almouzayn and our wonderful staff here in Madison, Connecticut, at 203.245.5101 to make an appointment or simply meet for a consultation about dental bonding today!