Complications from a Missing Tooth Can Be Prevented by a Bridge Restoration

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When you lose a tooth to severe decay, dental avulsion or a treatment-based extraction, the ramifications to your oral health and function can be significant. Even if you adapt to the decreased ability to chew, the missing tooth can still affect the clarity of your speech as well as your physical appearance.

As time goes by, you could potentially suffer orthodontic complications. The loss of structure from the tooth can cause the neighboring teeth to alter their positions, leading to potential chips and dental fractures.

One easy method of preventing these complications is to have Dr. Moumen Almouzayn and the restoration specialists at his Madison, Connecticut, dental clinic install a dental bridge into the void. This is single piece of dental work that is designed to mimic the appearance and function of the original tooth. It is a replacement tooth fused to a pair of crowns that are anchored on abutments formed out of the two closest teeth.

Dr. Moumen Almouzayn will use a drill to remove the tooth enamel from each tooth to form a pair of post-like abutments. This creates a small protective sheath that houses the healthy pulp, root and nerve of each tooth. Temporary crowns will then be secured over each abutment to protect them.

A large impression will be made of the two abutments as well as any other corresponding teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab to help guide the technicians as they produce your new bridge.

You will need to come in for a brief follow-up appointment when your bridge is ready to have it cemented onto the two abutments. With good oral hygiene, the restoration should serve you well for many years into the future.

If you live in the Madison, Connecticut, area and you are missing a tooth, you should call 203.245.5101 to schedule an appointment at Madison Dental Spa.