How Missing Teeth Effects Your Oral Health

What would you do if you lost a tooth? Does the answer to that question depend on where the tooth was? Usually, if one of someone’s front teeth is knocked out, an appointment is set as quickly as possible. But, if the missing teeth are towards the back of a mouth, and don’t have a significant impact on the aesthetics... read more »

Why Should I Help My Smile With a Dental Crown?

There are many reasons why you should improve your oral health and smile with a dental crown, and our Madison Dental Spa team is here to tell you what some of those reasons are! A dental crown is a great dental restoration that can give you the results you are looking for in just a short amount of time. Your... read more »

Dental Implant Surgery and What You Can Expect

It’s difficult to connect surgery to the dentist right? Well sometimes our teeth require surgery to restore the health or appearance of them. If you are going to the dentist for an implant surgery there are a few things you may want to know so you feel prepared before the big day. Your first preparation you will make before your... read more »

Shift Into Your Dream Smile With Invisalign

Invisalign® is a remarkable, modern-day orthodontic system that consists of a series of virtually invisible plastic retainers which cover the teeth, slowly realigning them into their proper positions. These retainers (also called “aligners”) can be removed for eating, brushing teeth and flossing, posing for photographs, and so forth. We use a custom-made series of aligners that are specifically designed for... read more »

Preventing Tooth Decay with Dental Sealants

It’s not uncommon for the biting surface on your back teeth to have deep pits, fissures and contours. This can make these areas quite hard to clean. If plaque and food particles linger in these areas, it increases your chances of developing large cavities. This often requires large fillings that could prove to be problematic later on in life. Dental... read more »

How to Properly Remove an Object that Is Stuck in Your Gums

It’s rather common for pieces of food like popcorn hulls, meat fibers, seeds, and fruit peels to get stuck between your teeth. Your chances of getting something stuck between your teeth increase if you have a habit of chewing on fingernails, pencils, and pens. Small pieces can sometimes break off and get uncomfortably stuck! If you have something stuck between... read more »

Including Your New Dentures as part of your Oral Hygiene Regimen

The new set of dentures Dr. Moumen Almouzayn fitted you with, represents a serious investment in restoring the full function and appearance of your teeth. Even if you only have dentures replacing your top or bottom teeth, they will still need special focus in your oral hygiene routine to help them last for many years to come. If you don’t... read more »

How to Properly Deal with a Lost Filling

Fillings are made from artificial materials that are not subject to normal tooth decay. While a filling is intended to last a long time, it’s not uncommon for one to be lost or fall out. Large fillings and old fillings tend to fail more easily than small fillings. This is often a product of the bacteria in your mouth damaging... read more »

Brushing 2X a Day

What happens when you skip brushing? It might not seem like a big deal if you fall asleep before brushing your teeth from time to time or if you sacrifice brushing your teeth in order to be on time for work in the morning. However, each time you don’t brush your teeth allows more plaque to build up on your teeth. Failing... read more »

How to Properly Deal with a Cracked Tooth

The enamel layer of your teeth is composed of a microscopic mineral crystal structure that is very hard and durable. Unfortunately, there are still times when something like a fall or a blow to the face can cause a crack in the enamel layer of one or more of your teeth. A sharp or persistent pain in a cracked tooth... read more »